PWM PROFESSIONAL MULTI- ACCOUNT offers cutting edge tools for Money Managers and Professional traders that are looking to diversify their client's portfolios.
Our PWM PROFESSIONAL MULTI-ACCOUNT allows Money Managers and Professional Traders to trade an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously, thus, centralizing their portfolio trading operation and freeing them of the complexity of trading several accounts with personalized executives and direct contact with our dealers.

PWM PROFESSIONAL MULTI-ACCOUNT is a fast growing investment option that has many exclusive advantages for investors such as:

  • Higher profits than standard investments.
  • Liquidity on your portfolio.
  • Centralized accounts with segregation by customers.
  • Less Spreads.
  • Better Execution Commissions.
  • Personal Account Executive.
  • Direct Trading.

As a Professional Trader, you have the chance to share your knowledge of trading with others.
This helps clients save time and profit far more than if they were to begin trading on their own.
When your clients profit, you will receive performance fees that can be many times higher than you could earn from just trading with your own capital.

PWM PROFESSIONAL MULTI-ACCOUNT offers traders who are new to the idea of money management a chance to become one, or it can give individuals who already introduce brokerage firms the possibility of becoming an asset manager.

This could be the next step on your path to a more rewarding future