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advantages of forex

The Forex market is the most liquid market in the world. Most speculators focus on trading the highly liquid Majors where approximately 85% of trading volume occurs. Other currency pairs are less liquid and therefore increases liquidity risk.

Since the market is almost always open, traders can react to market, economic and political news as it happens, locking in profits, protecting profits and cutting losses. The main trading centres are Sydney, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt and New York. Trading takes place during five overlapping trading sessions starting at 9pm GMT Sunday evening and ending on 10pm GMT Friday Evening.


Trading on margin means that a trader can utilize more capital than they have in their account. The volatility of currency pairs is usually less than other markets, such as futures and equities. Since there is less movement, traders leverage their capital to make money on smaller moves.


With FX Trading you can trade long or short which means you can take a view on any currency pair and place a relevant trade. If you feel that the UK economy is strong and the US Dollar will weaken against the Sterling you would execute a BUY GBP/USD order. If you feel the UK will continue to weaken and this will hurt the British Pound, you would execute a SELL GBP/USD order. By doing so you have sold British pounds in the expectation that they will depreciate versus the US dollar.


You can limit & Manage your risk using a Stop Losses orders.



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